Videoproduction at LearningLab DTU

The videocrew at LearningLab produces various teaching related videos. This page presents some of our most common production techniques - have a look and be inspired for your next video!

The purpose of this page is to make it easier for you to book the videocrew for a recording task. Normally we charge 350 kr/hour + vat for video jobs at DTU, and you can acquire information/make a booking or get a quote by writing to Aske Fabech from LearningLab DTU or by filling out the form below.

You can read more about DTUs E-Learning activities at our department website where you also can get pedagogical guidance from one of our E-learning consultants.

Cancellation Fee

If a task is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to a recording, a fee of 1000 DKK apply.

Video Recorded Lectures

Get your lectures recorded by LearningLabs mobile video production unit. We offer live mixing in HD between at least two cameras and direct VGA input. The recording can be streamed live and/or recorded to a file and distributed online less than 30 minutes after.

The videos can be distributed to our Podcast System, YouTube, iTunes U or all of them according to your preferences.

Be inspired by watching this short introduction to video recorded talks and learn more at the Tool Box.

The recording format also applies for meetings, conferences, inaugural lectures, PhD defense etc.

By default we only record the live mixed video feed, and this will be the final product. If each video feed is wanted for post production, please let us know.

The mobile production unit ready for departure
Example of lecture capture
Even details from the blackboard can easily be captured
Example of Picture-In-Picture

Lab Instruction Videos

Lab instruction videos are a very popular supplement to written exercise instructions. They can be viewed before an exercise as preparation or implemented in the written exercise with QR codes for easy access by SmartPhones. Learn more at the Tool Box.

See the video for an example where theory and instructions are combined and be inspired how videos can facilitate guidance in using laboratory equipment at 27022/27023 BioKemi.

Recording a lab instruction video
QR code for easy access to the video by SmartPhone

Studio Recordings

Our videostudio provides state of the art equipment for professional video recordings. We can make multicam productions, do live mixing and stream the video feed.

Our typical workflow:
Since post production (editing the video afterwards) is time consuming, we prefer to record videos in one take. Our equipment allows us to perform live mixing of the video even while the technician control the camera. This yields a highly efficient workflow, where you can have the video shortly after the recording.

Studio recordings are great for demonstrations videos, Topics in-depth, Weekly video appetizers and lately for the popular Coursera Courses.

LearningLabs videostudio is located in building 101 at the Lyngby Campus.

The videostudio in building 101 at Lyngby Campus
LearningLabs videostudio

Field Productions

For small events, shows etc. a field production can be an option for creating small feature video stories. 

See some examples here:

DTU Bike Check

Coursera Introduction Pitch