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OEB 2016 conference proposal

Sidsel-Marie Prag & Helle Rootzén presents the proposal for OEB 2016.

Date: 19/05/2016 15:41 - Duration: 00:03:59 - Views: 22


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Introduction to E-learning Toolbox

Date: 23/10/2015 14:06 - Duration: 00:01:10 - Views: 53


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Tool: PDF Annotations with Acrobat Reader and PDF XChange Viewer

Annotation of PDF files can be done with Acrobat Reader, but there are some limitations you will often encounter. Kasper shows how you can enable usage rights on a PDF file and also demonstrates short [...]

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:27 - Views: 1

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Tool: DropBox

DropBox is currently the most wellknown and popular example of a file sharing service for groups. With DropBox you can have files automatically sync'ed between your own computers or between computeres [...]

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:08:59 - Views: 1

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Tool: 2D barcodes (QR codes)

It's shown how QR codes can be created and how the mobile devices typically react when they are scanned. Kasper also presents a few ideas of how it could be used in teaching material.

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:39 - Views: 3

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Tool: Scanning a book - part 1: The Scan Process

Kasper shows how to use a document scanner (Fujitsu ScanSnap S510M) to scan a book which has first been cut open in the back.

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:11:36 - Views: 1

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Tool: WireCast

Demonstration of basic streaming with WireCast: How to include video sources (iSight and HD input), how to add overlaying graphics like a lower-third name tag and a title screen, how to stream to ustr [...]

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:05:55 - Views: 1

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Tool: Scanning a book - part 2: Processing with Acrobat Professional

In this ”Part II” of book scanning Kasper walks you through a process with Acrobat Professional which will optimize you scanned book to a small file size. He also demonstrates which meta data you [...]

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:11:04 - Views: 4

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Tool: DabbleBoard

Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard which multiple people can draw on simultaneously although distributed geographically. Kasper demonstrates its basic features.

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:02:49 - Views: 437

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Tool: Google Docs

Kasper shows the powerful handling in GoogleDocs when multiple people are working on the same document at the same time.

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:04:49 - Views: 3

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Category: Collaboration

The internet provides new and previously unseen opportunities for collaboration in groups. Kasper introduces the category and highlights a few of the tools.

Date: 31/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:02:00 - Views: 1

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Tool: DTU eNotes part III: The Podcast Plugin

The podcast plugin allows you to easily integrate links to a series of videos used on your course. This could be recorded lectures or studio recorded videos. Kasper shows the plugin for podcasts which [...]

Date: 24/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:05 - Views: 3

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Tool: DTU eNotes part I: The course portal

DTU eNotes is a Learning Management System (LMS) which supplements DTU CampusNet with course webpages that holds arbitrary content as well as lecture notes, course agendas, interactive exercises and p [...]

Date: 24/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:07:49 - Views: 442

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Tool: DTU eNotes part II: The eNote Server

The eNote server is a central repository on DTU for all eNotes and a portal where authors can administrate their uploaded eNotes and users can access eNotes as HTML, ePub or PDF files and even combine [...]

Date: 24/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:12:27 - Views: 1

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Tool: Livescribe Smartpen Apps: Tablet

You can use your Echo Smartpen as a ”Wacom Tablet”. A 15$ application for the pen will turn it into a ”mouse” with which you can move the cursor around on screen and work with any application [...]

Date: 18/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:09 - Views: 1

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Tool: Livescribe Smartpen Apps: Amino Acids

With the LiveScribe Smartpen and a 2$ application you can train the drawing of amino acids on your dot pattern paper. This is a powerful example of the potential of the smartpen.

Date: 18/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:02:45 - Views: 2

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Tool: Wacom Pad in Teaching

Interview with Peter Bøggild at DTU Nanotech about his experiences with using a Wacom pad for drawing on the screen instead of using physical black- or whiteboards.

Date: 18/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:06:00 - Views: 1

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Category: Video Recorded Talks

At DTU we are now able to record any conference talk, lecture, meeting or seminar in high quality, very efficiently, with multiple cameras and input sources. Kasper gives some examples from the curren [...]

Date: 18/01/2011 07:00 - Duration: 00:02:47 - Views: 3

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Demonstration of how easy it is to set up a broadcast with ustream, using your web camera. Kasper also demonstrates how it looks on the receiver side.

Date: 17/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:27 - Views: 1

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Tool: VGA Broadcaster w/WIFI

Demonstration of VGA-Broadcaster in combination with a WiFi Access Point. It enables local distribution of the shown projector image. It's as easy as connecting to the Open WLAN provided from the box [...]

Date: 17/01/2011 08:00 - Duration: 00:03:02 - Views: 1

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Tool: Tablet PCs and Adobe Connect in Lectures

Professor Per Bruun Brockhoff demonstrates his Tablet PC and how he uses it in his lectures in statistics. He also shares a bit of his experiences so far on using this technology as a complete substit [...]

Date: 12/01/2011 09:05 - Duration: 00:14:34 - Views: 1

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Tool: Jing

Jing is the free option for screencasting - especially good for quick, shared screencasts! - and Kasper demonstrates the ins and outs of this application.

Date: 03/01/2011 07:05 - Duration: 00:03:02 - Views: 1

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Tool: Screenflow

Screenflow is screencasting for the Mac. Kasper demonstrates how the most basic features work.

Date: 03/01/2011 07:04 - Duration: 00:04:20 - Views: 1

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Tool: Epiphan VGA2USB

Screencasting from devices with only a VGA out can be tricky, but Epiphan makes hardware that enables you to do this; be it the output from an oscilloscope or an iPad. Kasper demonstrates it live here [...]

Date: 03/01/2011 07:03 - Duration: 00:01:29 - Views: 1

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Tool: Camtasia

Camtasia is the traditional choice for screencasting on a PC. Kasper gives a quick demonstration of how it works; recording, zooming and panning and adding call-out graphics.

Date: 03/01/2011 07:02 - Duration: 00:04:03 - Views: 1

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Category: Screen Recording

What is a screen recording and how can you make one. Kasper shows a few software products and a hardware device for special applications.

Date: 03/01/2011 07:00 - Duration: 00:03:28 - Views: 1

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Tool: LiveScribe Echo Smartpen

Echo is the next generation of the smartpens from LiveScribe and Kasper demonstrates the installation process, compares it to the Pulse smartpen and shows how quickly you are started with a pencast. A [...]

Date: 21/12/2010 08:00 - Duration: 00:10:50 - Views: 1

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Tool: Nobo Kapture Flipchart

Kasper demonstrates the Nobo Kapture Flipchart - you might wanna try one out at your next meeting or brainstorm session!

Date: 20/12/2010 07:01 - Duration: 00:01:38 - Views: 1

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Tool: Webbased Polls

There exist some web services which allows you to perform voting in your lectures. Michael gives an overview of the currently available solutions.

Date: 13/12/2010 07:03 - Duration: 00:02:37 - Views: 2

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Tool: Clickers

Clickers is a physical device for voting in class. Michael demonstrates its' integration with PowerPoint; how graphs with poll results can show up on the next slide.

Date: 13/12/2010 07:02 - Duration: 00:06:10 - Views: 1

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720p (132 M)

Tool: Adobe Connect Polls

Polls or "voting in class" is possible with Adobe Connect and Michael demonstrates how to do this with the service already available to all with a DTU account.

Date: 13/12/2010 07:01 - Duration: 00:03:25 - Views: 1

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Category: Electronic Voting Systems

What is an electronic voting system, why might you like to use them, what options are available on the market.

Date: 13/12/2010 07:00 - Duration: 00:03:47 - Views: 1

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Tool: LiveScribe Pulse Smartpen

The Pulse Smartpen from LiveScribe allows uniquely to create flash-pencasts and A4-paper-shaped handwritten notes. See this demonstration to better understand how this technology works.

Date: 06/12/2010 07:04 - Duration: 00:06:18 - Views: 1

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720p (136 M)

Tool: PenPresenter

A great digital pen for those using PowerPoint a lot - this gives you an easy "tablet PC" through a pen. See this demonstration of the technology.

Date: 06/12/2010 07:03 - Duration: 00:05:24 - Views: 1

360p (62 M)

720p (118 M)

Tool: Oxford PaperShow

Oxford PaperShow is a digital pen you use for videopencasts or as a digital board. Kasper demonstrates it.

Date: 06/12/2010 07:02 - Duration: 0:06:52 - Views: 405

360p (78 M)

720p (148 M)

Tool: Apple iPad

What is the iPad good for if you wish to use it for e-learning? Kasper reviews a few central features, his favourite apps and gives a general judgement on this hyped technology.

Date: 06/12/2010 07:01 - Duration: 00:07:02 - Views: 1

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Category: Pencasts and Digital Handwriting

Definition of a pencast and presentation of the various options including the pros and cons.

Date: 06/12/2010 07:00 - Duration: 00:06:31 - Views: 2

360p (74 M)

720p (142 M)

Category: Short Videos and Podcasts

Presentation of the category Short Videos and Podcasts in LearningLab DTUs e-learning toolbox. 6 examples are demonstrated and a number of production aspects are highlighted.

Date: 29/11/2010 07:00 - Duration: 00:06:57 - Views: 1

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Total duration: 03:22:25