Controversy over Energy Technologies: What Shapes Community Acceptance of Wind Power?

Social Acceptance in the Siting of Wind Energy Turbines: Questions for a Robust Knowledge Base

Duration: 00:48:12Date: 24/10/2014 15:00Download: 720p (452 M)
The siting of wind turbines has proceeded effectively and with high public support over the past several decades in Denmark. But a new generation of technology with much larger turbines will be a hallmark over the next period of time with ambitious climate goals and energy security drivers. Societal context has changed as well, with increased public questioning and community concerns about known and unknown risks and uncertainties. How will the needed knowledge base be created to guide the analysis of local controversy and managerial responses to a changed social setting and technology advance? Four Questions are essential for this needed robust knowledge base in Denmark and beyond: 1) What is the nature of public perceptions and underlying values that will come into play in community responses to wind power development over the next 5-10 years? 2) How has social trust in developers and managers changed since the first generation of wind turbines were put in place? 3) What have we learned about the dynamics of controversy and public concern from experience with siting wind turbines in Denmark and other countries? 4) Drawing upon the above, how may publics and uncertainties be constructively involved and controversy avoided or resolved?
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