Controversy over Energy Technologies: What Shapes Community Acceptance of Wind Power?

Complexity of concern: Social acceptance of wind energy and the inevitability of dissensus

Duration: 00:47:49Date: 24/10/2014 09:30Download: 720p (415 M)
This presentation will explore the role that social acceptance of onshore wind can play in understanding and progressing the low carbon transition in Europe. Although this is commonly perceived as arising simply from the overall level of renewable energy generated (and ‘dirty’ energy displaced), its significance goes well beyond this, as it helps us understand some of the key issues facing the electricity sector as a social-technical system. As such it is not only a matter of delivering the necessary infrastructure, but requires the long term mediation of complex multi-governmental arrangements involving a very wide range of actors. The interests of these actors engage hugely different timescales, geographic scales of concern and rationalities that make the arena of social acceptance a cauldron of complexity, mediating between overlapping and incompatible concerns. The presentation will briefly review the nature of some of these relationships and discusses what this means for how we conceive and act on the social acceptance of wind, and what this means for the long term low carbon transition.
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