Controversy over Energy Technologies: What Shapes Community Acceptance of Wind Power?

The role of the legal framework for local acceptance of wind energy projects; some preliminary observations

Duration: 00:50:17Date: 24/10/2014 11:00Download: 720p (506 M)
The legal and regulatory framework for wind energy projects may have significant implications as regards local acceptance. This is particularly relevant as regards planning and environmental assessment procedures where public participation is an important element. The design of such procedures, their level of complexity as well as the role (or performance) of the authorities may determine e.g. the level of trust in public regulation and decision-making. Furthermore, the regulatory framework may include proactive policy measures specifically aimed at increasing local acceptance, e.g. compensation schemes for neighbours, co-ownership schemes and community benefit schemes. This presentation gives an overview of key elements in the legal framework for wind energy projects and some preliminary observations as regards potential pitfalls based on the Danish experiences.
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