Controversy over Energy Technologies: What Shapes Community Acceptance of Wind Power?

The cooperative approach in Danish Wind energy ownership before and after the 2007 RE-law

Duration: 00:37:48Date: 24/10/2014 14:00Download: 720p (265 M)
The Danish development in ownership of wind turbines started in 1980. In the period up to 1996 the majority of wind projects were based on the cooperative model, typically based on local initiatives in rural areas. Since 1996 ownership based on few owners has taken over and from 2000 utilities joined in. This development resulted in an increasing NIMBY effect. To keep the local involvement at a high level, the 2007 RE-law introduced the 20% minimum local ownership model for all onshore wind farms, typically organized in cooperatives. The presentation will discuss the difference between the two COOP approaches.
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