Talks from the CDIO 2011 Conference at DTU, Denmark

This page will list the talks from the 7th International CDIO Conference held at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). See the conference programme and more information about the CDIO Conference here.

The videos are all made available under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. This essentially means that you are expressly set free to use and share the videos in the ways you would normally consider appropriate anyway. Thanks to all speakers for supporting this form of free sharing.

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List of talks

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Graduate and Ph.d. Course on design and Manufacture of Micro Mechanical Systems

A new course was developed at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark. This paper describes the framework of the course that has been applied both at graduate a [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 14:00 - Duration: 0:15:19 - Views: 108

360p (100 M)


A Course on Applied Superconductivity Shared by Four Departments

This abstract describes a project based, interdisciplinary course on applied superconductivity that was shared between four departments. The topic of the course was high temperature superconducting wi [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 14:00 - Duration: 0:18:10 - Views: 92

360p (116 M)


Active Student Care - Lowering Student Dropout

The article describes different actions that have been taken at the Engineering college of Aarhus in order to reduce the dropout rate. The actions include brush-up math course, study techniques, exam [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 14:00 - Duration: 0:14:07 - Views: 94

360p (90 M)


Developing Open Source System Expertise in Europe

Developing Open Source System Expertise in Europe is an Erasmus intensive programme (IP). The aim of this IP is to exchange knowledge of and experience in local methods and techniques in the field of [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:40 - Duration: 0:15:17 - Views: 87

360p (99 M)


The integrated curriculum of TU Delft Aerospace Engineering

The new curricular framework Aerospace Engineering of Delft University of Technology has it all: state-of-the-art content that is interwoven with thematic design projects and trainings for personal an [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:40 - Duration: 0:20:24 - Views: 100

360p (131 M)


The challenge of conceiving: Approaches to problem identification and framing

One of the big challenges in the CDIO approach to engineering education is the first part focusing on conceiving problems to be handled and eventually solved. Without claiming that we have the solutio [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:40 - Duration: 0:19:23 - Views: 84

360p (541 M)


The use of "Design Thinking" in CDIO projects

Students taking the C-D-I-O module "Design and Innovation Project" in Singapore Poly often encounter obstacles during the "Conceive" stage. This paper describes how the "Desig [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:40 - Duration: 0:15:27 - Views: 106

360p (101 M)


Mutual workshops enhancing curriculum integration

At DTU Civil Engineering the bsc. eng. Program in architectural engineering is organized according to CDIO principles. Autumn 2009 was the first time that the ‘full CDIO package' was realized. The l [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:20 - Duration: 0:16:25 - Views: 84

360p (104 M)


Integration of a computational mathematics education in the mechanical engineering curriculum

Here we present the integration of a computationally oriented mathematics education into the CDIO-based MSc program in mechanical engineering at Chalmers. The process for integration of mathematics in [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:20 - Duration: 0:15:46 - Views: 93

360p (100 M)


Learning by Inquiry: A Method for Implementation of CDIO Principles

The “Learning by inquiry” is a self-directed learning method, which gives the responsibility of learning to the students, and force students to direct, constructive and critical thinking. It uses [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:20 - Duration: 0:20:39 - Views: 90

360p (577 M)


A basic design-build-test experience: Model wind turbine using additive manufacture

The paper describes a project for first-year engineering students: to design, build and test a scale-model wind turbine. With the use of an additive-manufacture technique, each pair of students can de [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:20 - Duration: 0:18:16 - Views: 107

360p (117 M)


A Concept for a Bachelor Program in Electrical Engineering

The main concept for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BScE) in electrical engineering at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will be described in this paper. A new curriculum was introduced f [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:00 - Duration: 0:11:20 - Views: 90

360p (71 M)


An Approach to Foster Integrative Skills during the Engineering Studies

To sum up, this paper presents an approach to foster integrative skills during the engineering studies. The approach is based on establishment of means for cross-disciplinary meetings between students [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:00 - Duration: 0:14:51 - Views: 104

360p (95 M)


Communicating in Engineering Education: New Way of looking at integrated learning activities and forms of Communication

A new analysis and development model has been designed to make the discussion about ‘integrated communication in engineering education’ more multifaceted. The model combines the two main principle [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:00 - Duration: 0:16:28 - Views: 88

360p (460 M)


The steam engine powering the electric grid

This paper describes in detail the steam engine system with associated electronics that serves as basis for the Design-build project. The steam engine combined with 3-phase electric power generation w [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 13:00 - Duration: 0:15:29 - Views: 88

360p (102 M)


A Design Build Activity for a "Design Build" Course

This paper deals with the CDIO course "Design Build", which is taught in the first semester at the Technical University of Denmark's Department of Civil Engineering. The "Design Build&q [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:40 - Duration: 0:13:32 - Views: 104

360p (89 M)


Excursions and industry participation in a weekly 5 ECTS course

The abstract describes a DTU course, which is designed for the students to see a direct link between the taught topics and their future life as civil engineers. The course is built on a combination of [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:40 - Duration: 0:17:42 - Views: 88

360p (114 M)


CDIO as the educational and cultural structuring element in the DTU B.Eng. in Electronics education

The aim of this paper is to describe how a CDIO based four semester study can be documented in such a way that a homogeneous quality can be maintained over time. Also when teaching staff changes, the [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:40 - Duration: 0:18:38 - Views: 92

360p (120 M)


Multidisciplinary teaching: MSc course on teamwork and operation

Traditionally the design phase was carried out by one single person – the master builder. Industrialization and technical development led to a split of the role of the design master into two: the ar [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:40 - Duration: 0:21:02 - Views: 694

360p (588 M)

720p (619 M)

Design of the Basic Engineering Project subject for the second year of Electrical Engineering at Telecom BCN

The second design-implement subject in the Telecom-BCN electrical engineering curricula is described. The students design and build a block of a complex ICT system from its specifications, but knowing [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:20 - Duration: 0:15:53 - Views: 100

360p (104 M)


May an increased focus on students' personal development contribute to increased motivation, better academic performance and teamwork in engineering programs?

This paper presents work in progress and the results obtained from a development project on personal development performed as a part of a curriculum reform work. The goal is to give the students a cle [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:20 - Duration: 0:15:15 - Views: 716

360p (425 M)

720p (445 M)

A CDIO Approach to Curriculum Design of five Engineering Programs at UCSC

This paper describes the process followed by the UCSC School of Engineering in order to redesign its Engineering programs using a CDIO-based approach. The redesigned programs were the Computer Science [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:20 - Duration: 0:20:03 - Views: 118

360p (118 M)


Hyperion: A Global Engineering Design Experience

University of Sydney, Australia The Hyperion project is a global/international collaboration to conceive, design, implement, and operate an aerial vehicle platform investigating numerous new technolog [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:20 - Duration: 0:18:28 - Views: 103

360p (121 M)


Foundations for a new type of design-engineers - experiences from DTU

A new design engineering program at DTU starting in 2002 is presented with emphasis of the core disciplinary components and the integration of curriculum elements into a complete program. Evaluations [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:00 - Duration: 0:19:09 - Views: 731

360p (538 M)

720p (563 M)

Developing engineering design core competences through analysis of industrial products

Many product development projects are directed towards designing an upgraded variant of an existing product. These redesign projects require that the engineering designers understand needs and require [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:00 - Duration: 0:12:44 - Views: 101

360p (83 M)


A Model for the Development of a CDIO Based Curriculum in Electrical Engineering

Educational programs at university level are influenced by several different factors. The major factors are the research-based development of technical knowledge and engineering reasoning, the needs o [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 11:00 - Duration: 0:16:25 - Views: 89

360p (104 M)


Professional Practice and Design: Key Components in Curriculum Design

A review of a curriculum redesign for a Bachelor of Engineering Honours programme. Large emphasis on how professional practice and solving complex engineering problems through group project work is in [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 10:40 - Duration: 0:15:19 - Views: 108

360p (99 M)


Constructive alignment (CA) for Degree projects - intended learning outcomes, teaching & assessment

SWEDEN In this paper, we focus on constructive alignment in the context of degree projects, and consider the following research questions: a) Is CA applicable for degree projects? b) Can the “aha” [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 10:40 - Duration: 0:19:40 - Views: 90

360p (543 M)


An Innovative Approach to Develop Students' Industrial Problem Solving Skills

This paper describes an innovative educational programme run by the INNOVATIONZ research team in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Auckland. The programme covers a range of [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 10:40 - Duration: 0:17:24 - Views: 84

360p (114 M)


Senior-Design Capstone Projects

USNA is participating in the Systems Engineering Research Center RT-19 research project to develop systems engineering talent in the workforce. RT-19 is focused on developing solutions to real-world p [...]

Date: 22/06/2011 10:40 - Duration: 0:17:50 - Views: 108

360p (117 M)


Panel Discussion part 5: Panel Discussion


Date: 22/06/2011 10:10 - Duration: 0:35:03 - Views: 113

360p (230 M)


Panel Discussion part 4: Sustainability

Presentation by Martin P. Bendsøe, President of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences & Senior Vice President, Dean of Graduate Studies and International Affairs

Date: 22/06/2011 10:00 - Duration: 0:12:03 - Views: 108

360p (86 M)


Panel Discussion part 2: Novozymes Presentation

Presentation by Per Falholt, Executive Vice President, research and development, Novozymes.

Date: 22/06/2011 09:00 - Duration: 0:12:54 - Views: 102

360p (86 M)


Panel Discussion part 1: Introduction

Martin Vigild, Dean of studies, introduces the session and the participants. Theme: Sustainability.

Date: 22/06/2011 09:00 - Duration: 0:05:14 - Views: 99

360p (34 M)


Panel Discussion part 3: Vestas Presentation

Presentation by Finn Strøm Madsen, President, Vestas Technologi R&D

Date: 22/06/2011 09:00 - Duration: 0:17:20 - Views: 46

360p (115 M)


Explorative Evaluation of Courses

Many course evaluations tend to focus on teacher performance and whether students like or don't like the course or the teacher. An explorative evaluation method was developed and has been tested on bo [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:40 - Duration: 0:14:37 - Views: 88

360p (95 M)


Panel discussion on CDIO and Accreditation

This is a proposal for a focused panel discussion session cum workshop on the topic of how institutions have used CDIO Standards to meet Accreditation Expectations. It will comprise elevator pitches f [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:40 - Duration: 0:17:35 - Views: 100

360p (115 M)


Self-critical reflections on the classical teaching culture in Engineering

The CDIO initiative aims at reforming the classical way engineering is being taught at technical universities. However, current teaching staff often feels resistance to making changes to a style of te [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:20 - Duration: 0:19:03 - Views: 93

360p (125 M)


Using CDIO to Meet Accreditation Expectations at The University of Sydney

This paper discusses our experience in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney in successfully using the CDIO framework to help meet Accreditation expectations [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:20 - Duration: 0:15:15 - Views: 92

360p (99 M)


Why Get Your Engineering Programme Accredited

In many countries engineering degree programmes can be submitted for accreditation by a professional body and/or graduate engineers can be certified or registered. Where this is available most academi [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:00 - Duration: 0:12:24 - Views: 93

360p (81 M)


A real CDIO mechanical engineering project in 4th semester

In the past 6 years we have been practicing project work on 4th Semester in the design of energy technology systems at the mechanical engineering study at the Engineering College of Aarhus. In my pres [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 16:00 - Duration: 0:17:40 - Views: 1

360p (113 M)

720p (491 M)

Laboratory and project based learning in the compulsory course Biological Chemistry enhancing collaboration and technical communication between groups

Biological Chemistry is a 2nd semester course. A practical/theoretical project concerning antimicrobial resistance in retail meats was introduced. The students work in groups each responsible for a su [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:50 - Duration: 0:24:17 - Views: 696

360p (158 M)

720p (673 M)

Learning Flight Control System Design using Flight simulation as a CDIO Conduit

Flight stability and control system design is a problematic area for teaching and learning in most tertiary institutions because of limitations in implementation and operation opportunities. Implement [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:50 - Duration: 0:17:53 - Views: 102

360p (114 M)


Experience of First Year CDIO Implementation at VNU-HCM

Along with the development of economy and society, Vietnam is facing a challenge of training a skilled labor force. This requires improving the education system, especially higher education, to meet s [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:50 - Duration: 0:14:58 - Views: 95

360p (97 M)


Extended Degree Programme Students' Experiences with the Skyscraper Activity

Students who have not done well in high school mathematics and science but show aptitude may enrol for a 5-year degree, the Engineering Augmented Degree (ENGAGE). ENGAGE students take additional modul [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:30 - Duration: 0:16:33 - Views: 85

360p (107 M)


Step Change Implementation of CDIO - The Aston University Story

The paper will provide a comprehensive account of the CDIO vision for Aston, the reasons for changing from the established programme and didactic delivery structure, how it has been implemented, the t [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:30 - Duration: 0:21:26 - Views: 85

360p (139 M)


Activating deep approach to learning in large classes through quizzes

The aim of this paper is to describe a new learning activity, Reflection quizzes, the design and to analyse how learning is affected. Reflection quizzes are given in the beginning of lecture allowing [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 14:30 - Duration: 0:15:17 - Views: 91

360p (100 M)


Advanced Workshop on Using the CDIO Standards to Meet Accreditation Expectations

This Advanced Workshop will focus on achieving successful processes at institutions that are implementing CDIO within their national or regional accreditation context. Within an administrative environ [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 12:10 - Duration: 0:19:22 - Views: 91

360p (127 M)


Mechanical Engineering Practice - using a simple Stirling engine as case

In the first course given in mechanical engineering, students construct a small Stirling engine. This is an excellent case that allows work with many disciplines on a simple level. Results are tested [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 12:10 - Duration: 0:20:01 - Views: 730

360p (129 M)

720p (554 M)

An Evaluation of Active Learning Strategies Applied to Engineering Mathematics

This paper describes a specific engineering mathematics module which has been developed and implemented to promote deeper learning using the CDIO methodology. It conforms to several CDIO Standards and [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 12:10 - Duration: 0:17:21 - Views: 92

360p (105 M)


Peer-learning - A concept for improving students' knowledge in laboratory exercises

A comparative study that was performed in a University level physics laboratory exercise. A reference group performed the exercise the traditional way. Another group, the peer-learning group, performe [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 12:10 - Duration: 0:14:26 - Views: 86

360p (88 M)


Developing Undergraduate Projects in Multinational Teams to Enhance Employability

This paper presents MUTW - Multinational Undergraduate Team Work, an Erasmus Multilateral project devoted to create and test a methodology to set and manage international teams of students who will co [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:50 - Duration: 0:17:29 - Views: 95

360p (113 M)


CDIO in a theory course without a project Hands-On Education at Kana zawa Technical College

Kanazawa Technical College has a tradition of working with industry and the community in order to improve education. This paper introduces Kanazawa Technical College and describes the hands-on project [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:50 - Duration: 0:18:34 - Views: 87

360p (117 M)


Mapping the Relationship Between the CDIO Syllabus and the CEAB Graduate Outcomes: An Update

CDIO Standard 2 stipulates learning outcomes based on a syllabus that has been validated by program stakeholders and most CDIO programs are using the CDIO Syllabus (version 1) as the basis for develop [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:50 - Duration: 0:15:57 - Views: 87

360p (103 M)


Peer Evaluation of Master programs - Closing the Quality Circle of the CDIO approach?

This paper describes a Quality Assurance project which is conducted within the Nordic Five Tech (N5T) Alliance, a strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Nor [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:50 - Duration: 0:17:05 - Views: 93

360p (113 M)


Engineering reasoning and visualization as analysis tools for BOP design

Base of the Pyramid (BOP) Design is a human-centered process that requires an in-depth look at causes and effects of poverty. Engineering reasoning (R. Niewoehner) and visualization tools were used to [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:30 - Duration: 0:18:08 - Views: 103

360p (117 M)


The CDIO as an enabler for graduate attributes assessment in Canadian engineering schools

In this paper, we describe the process that is being followed at the Schulich School of Engineering to address the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board's new graduate attributes criterion, and sho [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:30 - Duration: 0:21:46 - Views: 84

360p (140 M)


Replacing traditional textbooks by e-Notes and other online materials in first year university mathematics

The introductory mathematics course for engineering students at DTU is undergoing a substantial renewal process. Teachers and students collaborate to optimize first year mathematics by using today's c [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:30 - Duration: 0:13:33 - Views: 93

360p (84 M)


Does an association between student evaluations of related CDIO courses exist?

This paper analyses routine course evaluation performed by students in the computer science related professional bachelor degree educations at DTU. Specifically, a set of two related courses are consi [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:30 - Duration: 0:17:38 - Views: 88

360p (117 M)


The Transition into University: What Engineering Students Know

The overall aim of this preliminary project is to develop a set of web-based diagnostic and support tools designed to identify more clearly the attributes of students entering engineering programmes i [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:10 - Duration: 0:17:53 - Views: 90

360p (116 M)


Taking the classical large audience university lecture online using tablet computer and web conferencing facilities

During three offerings of the course Introduction to Statistics at DTU the lecturing was carried out 100% through a tablet computer combined with the web conferencing facility Adobe Connect as an aid [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:10 - Duration: 0:18:28 - Views: 89

360p (117 M)


Using the CDIO Standards to Meet Accreditation Expectations

This session will provide an overview of the rationale and process for using the CDIO Standards to meet accreditation expectations. The overview will examine the nature of the CDIO Standards and their [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:10 - Duration: 0:17:24 - Views: 91

360p (113 M)


Teacher and Student Intention and Commitment in a CDIO Curriculum

The inter-disciplinary structure of the course 11821 Site Investigations combined with the real-world case and just-in-time teaching applied, has resulted in more motivated and hard working students. [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 11:10 - Duration: 0:18:56 - Views: 89

360p (123 M)


A Knowledge / Capabilities / Competencies Descriptor Based Graduate grading System for CDIO compliant Programs

This paper discusses the problem of graduate program grading and proposes a descriptor based graduate grading system that is more suited to CDIO compliant engineering programs. It identifies the weakn [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:20 - Duration: 0:15:30 - Views: 94

360p (100 M)


An introductory course for software engineers

We present an introductory course for software engineers focused on the learning objectives: a) practise conceiving, designing, implementing and operating in a team based environment, b) understand th [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:20 - Duration: 0:20:57 - Views: 82

360p (136 M)


Peer Instruction method in introductory classes in Mathematic

The teaching-learning process has been a constant target of studies, particularly in Higher Education, in consequence of the annual increase of new students. Considering the particular case of Enginee [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:20 - Duration: 0:15:51 - Views: 90

360p (99 M)


Inductive teaching by interacting with CDIO-projects

The paper describes experience with the use of CDIO-project results in a traditional course, taught for both those students who will attend the relevant CDIO-project and those who will not. The classi [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:00 - Duration: 0:17:49 - Views: 85

360p (116 M)


A comparison of strategies to encourage regular study and foster deep learning

Three strategies were devised to encourage regular study and foster deep learning. Students were: 1.asked to draw a map of the course material that was to be covered in the coming week; 2.asked to pro [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:00 - Duration: 0:16:39 - Views: 97

360p (102 M)


Evaluating the implementation of CDIO programs at Singapore Polytechnic: a 3 year longitudinal study

This paper describes the longitudinal study of a large scale implementation of CDIO in Singapore Polytechnic. The three year evaluation determined the impact of CDIO on the students' engineering knowl [...]

Date: 21/06/2011 10:00 - Duration: 0:15:39 - Views: 95

360p (103 M)


Intro Workshop: CDIO Standards for Evaluating and Change Management

Date: 20/06/2011 15:30 - Duration: 0:37:44 - Views: 687

360p (245 M)

720p (1.0 G)

Intro Workshop: Learning from Design-Implement Experiences

Date: 20/06/2011 14:00 - Duration: 1:12:27 - Views: 727

360p (467 M)

720p (2.0 G)

Intro Workshop: Active Learning

Date: 20/06/2011 12:15 - Duration: 0:35:20 - Views: 679

360p (229 M)

720p (1.0 G)

Intro Workshop: Integrated Curriculum

Date: 20/06/2011 11:30 - Duration: 0:34:11 - Views: 694

360p (220 M)

720p (0.9 G)

Intro Workshop: Ready to Engineer

Date: 20/06/2011 10:45 - Duration: 0:41:28 - Views: 697

360p (267 M)

720p (1.1 G)

Lego Presentation

Date: 20/06/2011 10:10 - Duration: 0:20:54 - Views: 691

360p (134 M)

720p (584 M)

Keynote: 10 year Retrospective

Opening keynote on Monday, June 20th

Date: 20/06/2011 09:20 - Duration: 0:45:07 - Views: 693

360p (291 M)

720p (1.2 G)

Introduction and Welcome

Opening plenary session on Monday, June 20th

Date: 20/06/2011 09:00 - Duration: 0:07:46 - Views: 696

360p (50 M)

720p (216 M)

Total duration: 24:37:20