Seminar: University-related IPR in China

Programe: Is it dangerous to take my research to China?

A seminar on university-related IPR in China

Time and venue: 1 December 2011, 12.00-17.00, Auditorium 49, Building 303A, DTU



Birte Holst Jørgensen, Senior Scientist, Risø DTU
and Principal Coordinator, SDC Sustainable Energy Programme

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Seminar: University-Related IPR in China Part 2/3

Two case examples from Danish universities by Professor Per Sangild and Professor Flemming Besenbacher

Date: 01/12/2011 15:30 - Duration: 0:36:04 - Views: 209


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Seminar: University-Related IPR in China Part 1/3

Welcome by Birte Holst Jørgensen, Martin Bendsoe and Lars Christensen. Keynote: IPR and university research in China - a legal perspective by Dr Thomas Pattloch

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